Our roots go back to the 1930s when Bill Fooshee and Marson Heckendorn joined forces and formed a partnership called Fooshee and Heckendorn, headquartered in Cedar Point, Kansas.  Some of their very early equipment included a "High Speed Auto Mower", a powered hole digger and a hay stacker.  The mower and hole digger were sold to governmental agencies and utility companies while the hay stacker went to area farmers.  Over the years, other equipment was added, including a 24", self-propelled walk behind mower and the 36" riding lawnmower which became a hit among cities, schools and cemeteries.  In the late '40s or early '50s, Mr. Heckendorn bought Mr. Foshee's interest and Heckendorn Manufacturing Company, Inc. was founded.  Additional equipment was developed, including mowers up to 88 inches in width, all maintaining the no nonsense designs of the earliest equipment.  In 1973 Mr. Heckendorn decided to retire and sold the company, which continued to operate in the tradition he'd established, but adding more varied and modern equipment.
     In 1989, the assets of the company were sold and Heckendorn Equipment Company of Kansas, Inc. (H.E.C.K., Inc.) was born and the operation was moved to Peabody, Kansas.


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